FRP Bypass Apk Mostly People Were known as FRP BYPASS TOOL, which used for any android bypassing google factory reset protection.

If you have forgotten Your password of google account after getting your Android device reset, you can use our’s FRP bypass methods, which are shared in this ultimate guide to solving all your problems. In this article, we are showing all the techniques about FRP bypass.

Most Android users are facing this FRP (Factory Reset Protection) problem with their device; they didn’t know how to bypass google factory reset protection on their smartphones or tablets.

Google recently launched this factory reset protection with new firmware 5.0 or later, which gives Security protection to users in case if they have lost their device. This tool is most use full in the time when your device has factory reset & you don’t know your google account password.


Frp bypass

What is Google FRP Bypass APK?

As we already mentioned above, the Frp bypass (factory reset protection) is a new security level which develops by Google. It’s beneficial in protection in case your device got stolen or lost. No one will be able to FRP bypass. They will need account access which already accessed in the device.

This FRP New feature firstly introduced by Google for devices like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, and so on. It was a fantastic feature for security, but sometimes it creates lots of problems when you forgot your google account password.

Bypass Google (Factory Reset Protection) With FRP Bypass Apk

This Security patch rule applies all the android devices like tablets, mobile phones, which are running Android 5.0 firmware or later. They came up with this Google security feature.

We discussed Four different guides to bypass the android FRP lock. To Bypass your mobile phone or tablet, you need to follow any guide, which is Much intensely discussed step by step below.

Mainly with this best guide, you will be able to bypass any Android device from Google Factory reset protection easily.

FRP Bypass Apk App Information

File Information
File Size 3.7MB
File Extension Type .APK
Release Date 1st Jan 2020
Last Update About 1 Last Hour
Supported OS Android Only

How to Remove Google Account From Phone

How to Remove Google Account From Phone

Android phone users can quickly remove a given account of their device.

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Tap on “Accounts” (it may also be listed as “Users and Accounts,” depending on your device).
  3. Tap the account you want to remove and then click “Remove Account.”

If you’re trying to remove that single Google account of your Android device, you’ll also enter your device’s pattern, password, or pin to see it done. Removing all your accounts will likewise mean you won’t have access to the Google Play Store.

Also, have in mind that settings can differ from device to device, then you may do a bit of cleaning to go to the right screens. However, once you do, it should still do a fast and straightforward method.

How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG

Frp Bypass Apk Requirements For Method 2
  1. Those Android devices which are running Lollipop 5.0 or later version.
  2. We need a stable internet connection for downloading a bypass file.
  3. You will need a Laptop or windows desktop pc.

In the earlier method, we shared the OTG method, which requires the Bypass Google Account factory reset protection APK file and USB drive with OTG cable. But in the second method, we don’t need to use any OTG USB drive. We need the FRP bypass tool to make sure you have the best internet connection, and let’s get started.

  • First, you need to turn on your android device. You will see a setup wizard.Frp Bypass Without Otg Step 1


  • Follow the on-screen instructions, once you see FRP bypass tool screen shows. We need to open our keyboard and tap on its settings.

Frp Bypass Without Otg Step 2

  • Next, you need to click on the menu button and then help and feedback button.
  • Next, you need to type whatever you want to write and choose the “share” option.

Frp Bypass Without Otg Step 3

  • After that, choose a messaging option, then a new message and type any number in the “To” section. Next, select it and tap on the contacts icon.
  • Next, tap on the call icon button and tap on the new call option. Once the dial pad opens, you will need to type *#*#4636#*#*
  • Now tap on usage statistics option and tap on a back button. You will then go to the settings menu.
  • Then you will need to tap on backup and reset option. Select factory data reset and confirm it.

Frp Bypass Without Otg Step 4

You have done it. Your device successfully bypasses google account verification with the help of the FRP bypass tool. And the screenshot is also attached to follow this Guide will be easier for you to follow this one. We hope our two methods will help you a lot while you are bypassing your device google factory reset protection.

How To Bypass Google Account Verification With OTG Cable Method

Maybe you are wondering, “What is an OTG cable? “. OTG is an abbreviation of On-The-Go, a cable that can be used to connect devices such as flash drives to Android phones. In other words, one end of the OTG is a USB port, and the other purpose is a port to be connected to an Android phone.

The method above is straightforward and easy to apply or use. Oh yes, the article also has a video tutorial that might help you. However, if you want to try other ways, here are two ways you can try.

If you experience FRP Lock problems because you forgot your old account username and password, I suggest you bring it to the nearest service center in your city. Remember, Frplockbypass.info is not responsible for damage that may occur to your device caused by the use of information available on this site. Do With Your Own Risk (DWYOR).

 Step: 1.  Prepare the ingredients needed:

  • Computer to copy applications to a USB Flashdisk
  • OTG cable
  • Flashdisk
  • Wi-Fi/ Hotspot network (* required)
  • Download the Bypass Any Samsung Google Account Lock.apk application then save it on a USB Flashdisk.

 Step: 2.  Turn on the cellphone, then press ” Next ” to the stage of connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Please link to an available Wi-Fi network. Because without a connection to the internet, the next button won’t be able to tap.

 Step: 3.  Once connected, continue again by pressing ” next ” to the ” Verify your account ” or ” Verifying your account ” stage. At this stage, please connect the OTG Cable to the cellphone, where at the end of the USB port, there is already a Flashdisk containing the Bypass application for any google account.apk.

If the cellphone does not detect the flash disk, please replace it with another one because there are several types of flash disk cellphones that are not compatible / support between the two.

 Step: 4.  When the OTG cable is connected, a new window will appear on the phone screen. Next, look for the Bypass application on the flash.

 Step: 5.  Install the bypass application. If the ” Install Blocked ” dialog box appears, tap on ” Settings ” (see picture below), then scroll down, and check or enable ” Unknown sources. ” After that, select ” Install. “

 Step: 6.  After the install process is complete, continue again by pressing ” Open. ” You will automatically be directed to the ” Settings ” menu. Now in this section, open ” Backup and reset » Factory data reset » Reset device » Erase everything. ” Automatically, your cellphone will restart.

 Step: 7.  Wait until the restart process is complete. While waiting, you may unplug the OTG cable from the cellphone.

 Step: 8.  After the phone has restarted, you will then be confronted with the cellphone activation process, but there will no longer be a Google Account Verification request process. Then follow the instructions until the finish.

How to Bypass Google Account Verification with Sidesync Method

Using the Sidesync method is almost the same as the OTG cable method, it’s just that while in the Google account verification position, the cellphone needs to be connected to a PC / Laptop computer to sync with the Sidesync application.

 Step: 1.  Download and install SideSync Software into the computer (PC / Laptop) then run it. To download it, please visit this link: Sidesync.

 Step: 2.  Open the phone, then follow the instructions given to the ” connect to Wi-Fi network ” Now at this step, my friend must add to the Wi-Fi to be able to connect to the internet network. Because without an internet connection, the next command will not be able to be taped to continue to the next stage. Once connected, once again, follow the instructions given to the account verification stage.

 Step: 3.  Connect your phone to your computer. As soon as connected, there will be a pop-up window that appears on the phone screen. Then select the ” Chrome ” (usually located in the middle between the Galaxy Apps and Internet). Continue by clicking Accept and Continue and select No, Thank You At this stage; you can unplug the cable that connects your cellphone to the computer.

 Step: 4.  Download the Bypass any Samsung google account.apk application by typing the URL “https://goo.gl/VkMaLo” in the Chrome address bar then click go/enter. You will be directed to the application page then click OK to download.

 Step: 5.  Tap the back button on the cellphone to the Term and Condition page Click OK» Agree, click Search (in the upper right-hand corner of the phone screen), then type and open “ES File Explorer.

 Step: 6.  Select” Create Account “to create a new Samsung account or select” Sign In “if you already have one After the account creation or login process is complete, then click “Accept and Download.” Wait until the installation process is complete.

 Step: 7.  Open the ES File Explorer app. Look for the Download folder then select the bypass application for any google account.apk. Install the application. If there is an error message that blocks the installation, select ” Settings ” then activate ” Unknown Sources. ” Click OK then Install.

 Step: 8.  Open the application. Scroll down, find ” Backup and Reset» Factory Data Reset » Reset Device» Erase everything. “ The phone will restart. Wait a few moments until the phone turns back on.

 Step: 9.  After the phone has restarted, then follow the instructions until the finish. At this stage, you no longer need to connect your mobile to a Wi-Fi network, and your mobile will no longer require Google account verification.

To add your Google account, please enter the Settings »Accounts» Add account.

How to bypass Samsung’s Google Account via ODIN

This method is classified as very easy to use, but it requires a computer and uses the ODIN application as a helper application. The file itself consists of two types, namely the data for a smartphone that uses Qualcomm and Exynos CPU / Chipset and has a tiny size that is under 100kb.

For this reason, on this occasion, I will give a tutorial on How to Easily Bypass or Skip Google Flash Google Account Verification via ODIN (Without OTG and Sidesync cables) to friends who have problems or cannot pass google account verification (FRP lock) because it is caused by forgetting the old google account.

Hopefully, this guide can be useful for all of you who need it. Without further ado, let’s go to the tutorial.

Before proceeding to the tutorial, the first thing you have to do is prepare all the equipment, applications, and files needed. The following are the preparations that you must do first.

  1. Prepare a computer in the form of a PC or Laptop.
  2. Prepare a Smartphone that will be bypassed.
  3. Prepare an original USB cable.
  4. Download Samsung USB Driver and Install it into the computer.
  5. Download the Odin3 v3.12.3 application and extract it into the computer.
  6. Download the FRP Remover file below. Then extract the file into the computer.
    • FRP Chipset Remover / Exynos CPU
    • FRP Qualcomm Chipset / CPU Remover

To help identity what type of Chipset / CPU your smartphone is using, please search for it in the Google search engine, or you can also use the CPU-Z application in the Play Store.

After completing all that is needed, then let’s move on to the Bypass.

 Step: 1.  Turn off the smartphone until the total off position (until it vibrates). Continue to enter the ” Downloading Mode ” menu by pressing the ” Power + Home + Volume Down ” button“simultaneously for about 4-5 seconds (feels vibrations on the smartphone). After the downloading mode menu appears, then press the” Volume Up ” button to continue.

 Step: 2.  Connect the smartphone to the computer via a USB cable, then run the ODIN application by right-clicking and selecting ” Run as administrator.


Odin Run As Administrator

If the computer and smartphone are properly connected, there will be an inscription under ” ID: COM. “ Usually written like this ” 0: (COM: 1) or 0: (COM: 2) ” and so on, and there will be an inscription <ID: 0/003> Added !! on the left side of the ODIN application.

Odin 3 mobile connected

 Step: 3.  Next, click the ” AP ” button and search for the FRP Remover file that you have previously downloaded. After that, click the ” Start ” button and wait until the installation process is complete.

Odin 3 file

If the installation process is successful, then it will say ” PASS ” (background in green). At this stage, please close the Odin application and unplug the USB cable that connects the smartphone to the PC / Laptop. But if the background is red and there is FAILED, it means there is a problem.

 Step: 4.  Turn on your smartphone and follow the instructions up to the Google Account Verification view. Then enter the email (account) google that you want. If successful, the smartphone will continue to the home menu. But if it fails, it will only repeat the existing commands.

Video Tutorial

How To Frp Bypass With HushSms Without PC

HushSms Apk Is a very convenient method to Bypass FRP Lock, and that App is very helpful to Unlock Your Devices. This APk Works On All kinds Of Android Nougat, Oreo, and Samsung Latest Smartphones Like the Galaxy Note 9 And S9 Plus, etc.

While using this method, you will need a second working android smartphone with a Sim card inserted and install HushSMS Apk to send Youtube Link to a locked Device. A working sim card Must Be inserted on both smartphones.

Follow This Step By Step Method Hushsms Bypass FRP.

 Step 1:  First of download and install Hushsms apk on your working Android phone.

 Step 2:  After installing the app, run it.

hushsms installation step 4

 Step 3:  Tap on the “WAP Push SL” option, as you can see in the above screenshot.

 Step 4:  Enter the phone number (that is inserted in the locked phone) and “Youtube.com” in the message section as you can see it in the screenshot:

hushsms installation step 5

 Step 5:  As you tap on the “Send Normal SMS” button, you’ll get an SMS on your locked. Tap OK, which will automatically open YouTube App on your phone from Google lock screen.

 Step 6:  In the YouTube app, ignore the app update message. Tap on the profile pic, which would open the options as shown in the image:

hushsms installation step 6

 Step 7:  Tap on the “Terms & privacy policy” option. It would open the Google Chrome app, and that is what we want!

 Step 8:  In the chrome URL bar, enter “https://bypassfrp.info/frp-bypass-apk/” and download and install Google account manager 6 apk and FRP bypass app.

 Step 9:  After installing the bypass apk, choose the “Browser sign-in” option to add your new Google account.

 Step 10:  Finally, after adding a new account, reboot your phone.

That’s it; I hope this has helped you to bypass Google account on your device successfully. If not, I have more tips, tricks, and methods.

Samsung FRP Bypass with Realterm Serial/TCP Method

While performing this method, you must have the below requirements.

1. Prepare a laptop or PC.
2. Prepare a USB cable.
3. Make sure you are connected to the internet that is quite speeding.
4. Create a new google account through a PC browser.
5. Download RealTerm: Serial / TCP Terminal google account bypass application for Samsung smartphones.
6. Install the SIM card on the cellphone you want to bypass and make sure there is a credit to make phone calls with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.
7. Prepare another smartphone to receive telephone calls.

Follow These Steps

 Step 1:  Connect your Samsung mobile to PC using a USB cable.

 Step 2:  Open the “Device Manager» Modems. ”

 Step 3:  Then right-click on “Samsung Mobile USB Modem” and select “Properties.”

 Step 4:  In the “Properties” view, click “Modem ” and note the port number listed. For example, mine has “Port: COM4”.

 Step 5:  Next, open the “RealTerm” that was downloaded.

 Step 6:  Pay attention to the “Port” tab, make sure it is numbered “4” according to “Port: COM4”

 Step 7:  If it doesn’t show automatically, select “Change,” then change it to the appropriate port as in step 4.

 Step 8:  Make sure the “Status” “CTS and DSR” green indicate a stable connection.

 Step 9:  Now click the “Send” tab and enter the command at+creg?\r\nin the first column is aligned with “Send ASCII,” then click the button.

frp bypass with realterm step 1

 Step 10:  If all levels are correct, an “OK” message will appear on the black screen.

 Step 11:  Next, replace the code above with the code atd081320xxxxx;\r\nand click “Send ASCII.” Note, replace 081320xxxxxwith the telephone number of the smartphone that will receive the call.

 Step 12:  If the cellphone you want to bypass is calling or “Dialing,” you will see a “two-point” icon on the screen. Open the option, then swipe the screen to the left, select “Internet,” then tap “Chrome.”

frp bypass with realterm step 2

frp bypass with realterm step 3

 Step 13:  Then tap “Accept & Continue” on the Chrome browser until it opens.

 Step 14:  Then download “QuickShortCutmaker” by entering the address of this link https://goo.gl/OZ61C

 Step 15:  After the application is downloaded, now open the link apps.samsung.com

 Step 16:  Scroll down, then select “Samsung Galaxy Apps.”

 Step 17:  If the Samsung Galaxy Apps store application is open, type, and search for “ES File Explorer” in the search field.

frp bypass with realterm step 4

 Step 18:  If it is found, log in or create an account to download the new Samsung “ES File Explorer.”

 Step 19:  Now open the Es File Explorer application and go to the “Download” folder.

 Step 20:  There, you will find the application that was downloaded in step 14, namely “com.sika524.android”.

 Step 21:  If the “Install Blocked” information appears, tap “Settings” and activate “Unknown sources” then install.

 Step 22:  If the QuickShortCutmaker application is installed, open the app and search for “Google Account Manager” in the search field.

 Step 23:  When found, select the down arrow on the icon and tap the “Type Email and Password” option then tap “Try.”

frp bypass with realterm step 5

 Step 24:  Then, a “Retype Password” display will appear. Just select “Browser sign-in” in the top corner.

 Step 25:  Now enter your old google account or new Google Email and Password address that you have created.

 Step 26:  Next, set the smartphone as to when you first bought it.

Congo, You Had Done.

This method can also replace the google account on a forgotten Samsung phone. How to bypass this google account can succeed in the Samsung J5 2016 series, J7 2016, A5, J1, A3, Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung J3, Samsung A7, Galaxy S6, and other series.

Custom Binary Blocked By FRP lock

When a user roots the Samsung device, a custom binary lock automatically gets applied. Which means by default FRP bypass gets activated. So your access to phone custom recovery is also blocked. If you are facing this issue, then you need to follow the instructions given below.

Make sure you have Odin 3 downloaded and working PC. Next, follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to download the tool from here. After that unzip and install it.
  2. Next, you will have to pick your Samsung device and hold the home button, power button, and volume button keys.
  3. Then you will get notification of system software upgrade. Forgoing to the software updates option, you will have to hold the volume up key.
  4. Now open Odin 3 tool and connect your Samsung device with your PC.
  5. Once your device gets automatically detected, then you will need to select the zip files from a file you downloaded above.
  6. Next tap on the start button and device software version upgrade started. Once the process finishes, you need to disconnect your device and reboot it.
  7. One thing to keep in mind, let your system upgrade install the necessary stuff so wait for few minutes.

Using this method, you will be able to unblock bypass factory reset protection lock. That’s it!! Now your custom binary FRP lock problem is fully fixed.

How to Remove Samsung FRP With Frp Hijacker Tool

Files Must Be Required.

Make sure you have installed Net Framework 4.5.2 (Download)

Double click the FRP Hijacker by Hagard V1.0 setup.exe

  1. Download and Extract the FRP Hijacker v1.0 Tool.
  2. Open the “FRP Hijacker” main setup file. Use the Installation password as “www.gsmhagard.com. “
  3. Select your Samsung Mobile device model.
  4. Connect your mobile device to your PC or Laptop via USB cable in Download mode.
  5. Select Remove FRP and Click on the “HIJACK IT!” button.frp hijacker tool
  6. FRP should be bypassed entirely on your device. Enjoy!
Most importantly, it should be noted that Samsung has fixed the loophole present in the Bootloader, which paved the way for such a hack way long before. So, the tool may not work on devices having new software with security patches. But, it was proven to work in specific devices such as Galaxy J7, J5, and all of the E-Series devices with outdated security patches.

How to Bypass Samsung Frp With Imyfone LockWiper Android

You Can Bypass Samsung FRP Third-party Pc Software  Called iMyFone LockWiper Android Below We Show Complete Step by Step Guide.

 Step 1:  Download, install, and run LockWiper on your Windows computer. You’ll then see 2 modes from the user interface. Choose the “Remove Google Lock” mode to proceed.

imyfone lockwiper android step 1

 Step 2:  Connect your Samsung phone to your computer with a cable and then click “Start.” Select your device info to download the firmware package. After that, click the “Download” button.

imyfone lockwiper android step 2

 Step 3:  The software downloads the data package. The package will then be extracted.

imyfone lockwiper android step 3

 Step 4:  LockWiper will prepare a specific firmware package for your phone so that you can unlock the FRP lock.

imyfone lockwiper android step 4

 Step 5:  When it’s done, you can set up your Samsung phone without verifying the Google account.

imyfone lockwiper android step 5


Bypass Samsung Pangu

If you want to bypass the lock screen on your Samsung device, then you can try out Bypass Samsung Pangu. Nowadays most of the Samsung users are facing the lock screen issue. So they are looking for the guide to know how they can bypass it. If you are one of these people, don’t worry because there is an app called “Pangu FRP Bypass Apk” available. Using Pangu FRP Bypass apk, you will be able to bypass the lock screen on Samsung devices easily.

Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK

We are going to talk about Samsung bypass Google verify apk. So you will get to know how to bypass Samsung Google factory reset FRP verification. You might know about the factory reset option as it comes built-in every android device. Similarly, there is a security feature known as Factory reset protection. Google brought this feature to all the latest android devices to increase security. Also, the factory reset protection feature will help in protecting personal/private data.

Bypass Google Account Verification Apk

Bypass Google Account Verification Apk With the release of Android Lollipop, Google also brought a new feature. This feature is factory reset protection and it comes useful when you lost your phone or it gets stolen. Other people won’t be able to use your Android smartphone or tablet if you have set up a security pin or pattern lock.

FAQ About FRP Bypass Apk

In this part, we discussed some of the most frequently asked questions described to FRP bypass APK. Let’s Check It.


Q.(1) FRP Bypass Apk is free or paid?

Ans. Yes, this application Free of Cost for everyone. We don’t have need any subscription are any applied charges.

Q.(2) Does FRP Bypass App work on all Android devices?

Ans. We can use this FRP Android app in all android devices like LG, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, Qmobile, And so on.

Q.(3) Can I use FRP bypass APK, Is it safe?

Ans. Yes, this App is entirely risk-free and safe. So we don’t need to feel any hesitation while using it.

Q.(4) Do we need a High Gb ram device that isn’t to run this FRP APK file?

Ans. This FRP Bypass Apk File Run In All Kinds Of Android devices Because to run this file Requirements is much Low.

Q.(5) Are there Any other methods to bypass FRP lock?

Ans. Yes, there are several ways to bypass FRP, but four ways we discussed in this article and more methods we posted separately, which can help to bypass any android device.

Q.(6) How does FRP Bypass App help to bypass FRP lock?

Ans. Yes, this FRP app will help you a lot while bypassing any android device without this App. It’s an impossible task.

Q.(7) How Much time required for this whole procedure?

Ans. These methods aren’t so much time taking. It’s all about a few minutes of tasks.

Now you have all the information about FRP bypass. I hope now you able to bypass any android devices via our given guides. if you are facing any trouble while applying any guide, feel free to ask questions via contact us page.